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OpenZz is an interpreted dynamic parser which is well suited to rapid development of parsing solutions, starting from rapid language prototyping to full fledged compilers.

OpenZz is a dynamic LALR(1) parser which allows its grammar to be modified and extended by commands written in its own language as well as through functionality provided by external libraries. OpenZz is implemented as a C library and exports C-bindings, so it can be joined with other code libraries both by static linking and runtime module loading.

OpenZz is being developed by the INFN for use in the compilation chain of the APE("ah-pei") series of highly parallel processing computers. APE systems are developed for performing LQCD physics research.

  • OpenZz Reference Guide and User Manual( HTML ).
  • SIGPlan paper: "Dynamic Parsers and Evolving Grammars" ( PDF, PS )
More information about OpenZz and the research being conducted by the APE group can be found here:
Project Resources:
  • The project sources are available via the SourceForge CVS Tree.
  • Project distribution bundles("sourceballs") are available here.
  • Some aspects of OpenZz development(ie. docs) required additional tools, and in such cases their use has been described in associated documentation(readme's). To ensure availability of the versions used, a copy of the tar files for those resources has been placed here.